Brian’s Corner – August 2019

Karen is bugging me to get the word out on Oscar’s Skin Cream.
Oscar’s Face and Skin Cream is a 100% Natural, mostly Organic product designed to moisturize and help repair damaged and neglected skin. Our cream contains 5% Sea Buckthorn Oil which has been shown to offer numerous advantages including enhancing hydration, elasticity and regeneration, as well as addressing acne. Combined with a mixture of Coconut, Olive, Jojoba & Vitamin E Oils in a Beeswax Base this cream is the perfect alternative for those who don’t wish to include any chemicals or other ingredients that may have long term affects.
If you haven’t been to my Etsy site in a while, I have removed the tinctures for the time being. Many of the products I had on Etsy are outdated and not being made anymore so until I have updated my inventory and figured out where I want to take Oscar’s Essentials, you will have to contact me directly to purchase tinctures.
For more information you can contact me via Text or Cell phone at 519-242-4996, Karen’s Cell at 519-496-1888 or email me at

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