From Karen’s April 2019 Newsletter

Isn’t this a grand time of year?  Aside from this late season snow, the weather is grand.  If you look closely you can see a faint tinge of green sneaking into the countryside.  The local golf course saw some brisk business in the last few days.  More and more robins are showing up looking for places to build their nests.  The cats and even Brian are all spending more time outside. With their dark colours, the cats are able to soak up incredible amounts of heat even on a cool day.
Do you have any plans for this year?  How are they going?  Do you have summer plans – a new deck or gardening or travelling or just taking it easy?  Everything needs a plan.  Even just sitting around takes some planning.  Which chair, inside or out, sun or shade, book or tablet, soft music or solitude?  April is a great time to begin making your plans for the summer months.  Are you a gardener?  You don’t just show up in late May and start planting willy-nilly.  You’ve planned what you want to keep, what needs moving, what needs to be taken out, what annuals to plant, where, what colours, what fertilizers to use, and so on.  You need to plan your time, your finances, who you can call on for help if you bog down.  Then you need to commit yourself to following the plan through to its end.
April is a great month to start your plans.  Don’t leave it to the last minute.


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