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Roy Henry Vickers - Coastal Sunset
Roy Henry Vickers – Coastal Sunset

Ah August.  Hot and humid outside, air-conditioned inside.  The month my back loves the most, the month a golf ball travels the farthest and the month that a gin and tonic tastes the best.  It’s also the month that the basement becomes more and more attractive especially for the cats during the day after they come crawling in in the morning after another night of carousing. August is also the month your lawn usually turns brown, grubs come a calling, mosquitoes are at their peak, the humidex reaches these ridiculous levels and the continent of Europe goes on holidays.

It’s also a wake up call.  Only 1-month or so to go before I’m back in Bussy McBus driving the kids away as their parents wave good-bye and pop Champagne corks.  1-month left to finish cleaning the garage, get things ready for the sun room out back this fall, paint the living room and the other several projects I had so confidently pledged to complete last spring.  But mostly I’m running out of time to play golf – that game I love to hate and hate to love, but I do anyway.

Next month we’ll be back to talk about some exciting things going on at Oscar’s Essentials, including our own website, a new look, and our very own mascot.  Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer.  As always you can contact me via Text or Cell phone at 519-496-1888 or email me at

From Karen, myself and our 2-cats, enjoy the Dog Days of Summer,

Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.
– Benjamin Franklin


The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep
– W.C. Fields

Two Husky Dogs kissing

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