My Soulbalance Thoughts for August, 2019

Good afternoon. As we start into our summer schedule, we find it takes some time to shift from many changes in our lives.
We have one cat at present, and deciding if it is a good move to add a 2nd cat. We are thinking best if we wait until the autumn to make that decision.

We have had many hot days now, and enjoying the gardens and outdoors. We are working on our back deck, adding some covering and a space to do Reiki out doors in a screened room, to having time with my family and friends for some R and R time, watching the lawn grow.
Brian and I love a game of cards, and find it so relaxing listening to the birds in their wonderful summer flight, with delight.
Truly, it is a special time of year. We have just celebrated a summer solstice, with large impact on earth, raising our vibrations by eating healthy food, and choosing our snacks more wisely right now, will assist with the energy lift.
Keeping our words positive, and finding solutions, instead of pointing at the problem, will serve us well at this time,
There has been a solar eclipse recently/// which means, time to ground even more then ever. Goal setting and visualizing your goals complete, is quite needed at this time.
Karen Egoff

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.
– Mark Twain


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