Karen Egoff

Karen Egoff

Karen is a open, cheerful, and non-judgmental. practitioner and teaches mindfulness workshops.
She works with Reiki and Cranial-Sacral therapies.
She has taught and practiced yoga and meditation for 28 years. She teaches people to rely on what they feel and to meditate on it.  Meditation is commonly misunderstood and brushed off as “hokey” – she guides people through meditations that touch them personally and help to de-clutter their mind.  She guides and teaches as a result notices profound sense of wholeness in herself and in others. She has worked at learning and studying in the wellness field, and has  her Spiritual Healers License.

As a mindfulness wellness facilitator, I encourage unity in the workplace, which helps develop many benefits and behaviour changes in your team members.  This occurs as individuals become more self-aware and more aware of those around them.  I so enjoy working with my skills as a basic coach, for wellness and well-being.

Some of the Healthy Body Topics that we can choose from are: chair yoga, healthy hints hour, make food fun & healthy, meditation, and destressing.

Some of the Healthy Mind Topics that we can choose from are: getting out of a rut, how to work with your subconscious mind, positive affirmations, and creative colour therapy.

Benefits to team members are: more productivity, happiness, focus, increased energy levels, a more pleasant work atmosphere, adding to the team spirit, with less work for human resources to untangle stress from employees ~ therefore… less complaints and conflict resolution necessary.  Doesn’t that sound great!

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