Rife Frequencies

Rife Frequencies Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge

In 1934, a group of physicians sponsored by the University of California treated sixteen terminally ill patients with frequencies recommended by Dr. Royal Rife. After ninety days, fourteen of the patients were declared free of any cancer. The other two required an additional month of treatment to be completely cured. Because of this, Dr. Rife became known as “The Man Who Cure Cancer”.  He also found cures for many other Viruses, Parasites, and more using a frequency generating device that became known as a Rife Machine. This technology is more powerful than anything else, because it gets directly to the source of the problems – at the sub-cellular level. Now, thanks to modern technology, all you need is a set of head-phones, and you can be healthy and pain free using these proven Rife Frequencies.  Call for more information.

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