My Soulbalance September, 2017

Fall Leaves

Summer retreats and events I taught at, good memories, great ladies!
In gratitude!

My Soul Balance Summer Retreats My Soul Balance Summer Retreats My Soul Balance Summer Retreats

Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.
Malala Yousafzai

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.
Khalil Gibran

If you can dream it you can do it.
Walt Disney

Truth is like the sun.  You can block it out for a while, but it ain’t going away.
Elvis Presley

Hello everyone and welcome to September.

We now have a new Sage plant in our life, it was gifted to me by my dear friend Jessica Witty.
I am in gratitude.

As the cool winds blow in, it reminds us to start getting out the sweaters and jackets, and summer is coming to a close. We really enjoy all the sunshine we can, and have enjoyed outdoor walks and golf, every week.

As I look outside, the tall garden grasses are swaying in the breeze. I am in gratitude that all we will receive is high winds, from the extreme floods  and winds from Texas.  Last night I was compelled to send healing energy for earth, asking for peace now, seems very important. On my travels to Hawaii a few years ago, I learned from one new resident of Hawaii, a good way to  observe things. Instead of focusing on and worrying. See the item, or energy begin to shift. See the result you want. So when I observed something that was non benevolent, I asked for solutions, and I saw the solution. As I focus on the solution, it does help me to stop the worrying. I don’t do this all the time..I do this when I can. For Korea, I ask and see peace. If we all do, it won’t hurt right?

On a lighter note, we are looking forward to getting back on schedule with autumn classes coming in. We have 2 dates for Reiki 2, and one date for Reiki one and Reiki masters. We look forward to serving you on your Reiki journey. We have seen many smiling faces, as students take on a new class..and attunment. It is a blessing to teach, we see so much strength coming in with new students, the transformations we are viewing is awesome.

The energy since the solar eclipse recently, has really shook things up. I  have found many people to have upsets with there partners or friends and family. Know that yes some true feelings are being exposed the last couple of weeks, take the high path and do not engage in the battle. The best way to handle outbursts from others, or from yourself, is journal what has come up, and ask for guidance from your higher self and angels, to respond with. To react is futile. To respond when the time is right.

Hope all the mothers, and students are ready and excited about school starting up. Take a deep breathe, take a few, and exhale deeply.  See your days going well, or see your children finding thee way as these students start back to school.

I find when my clients and associates use Believe spray (sold at our store, or at Iris, in Galt, Cambridge) people find comfort and self belief my enjoying the benefits of this aromatherapy blend.

Believe spray

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