Success is a inside job event today I taught Yoga and Gratitude circle

HI, today I taught yoga and breathe work at Janet’s event Success is a inside job. When we learn from so many talented speakers, we have to take this back and think …what part of the learning do I need to start with? So much great information. What is holding us back o having success? What do I need to do? Look in the mirror, and talk to your soul. It all starts with connecting there, for me at least it does. Don’t kid ourselves, we sabotage ourselves sometimes.  Let the past…go with assistance with mysoulbalance, we can assist you in realizing your goals. Connect with a cranial sacral session
or Reiki session, and we will go over affirmations, that you can practice daily, to reach new goals. When we decide to make and take steps, baby steps to reach our goals.

Thanks to all who showed up to learn, grow and share. Wonderful event  success one step at a time. We can do it.

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