Thoughts for August 2018

August – the Dog Days of summer.  Enjoy it now before we have to say goodbye to the joy and happiness that is brought with it. It’s been a great summer so far – weather wise and otherwise.  It seems that just as the farmers and gardeners start to worry about the lack of rain, it starts to pour and everything keeps growing without missing a beat. Our backyard is so green.  Everything is growing leaps and bounds.


Now we say good bye to July, after a very hot one to say, looking forward to a beautiful August, with the night breeze.

There has been so many changes with the recent eclipses of moon and sun, and magnificent full moons as well. This is truly a time of energy shifting, like I have never seen before. KNOW that we are being guided, by what we truly desire on our path, from our soul’s perspective.

As we let go of what is not, and embrace what is now, we slowly become all that we are to be. By not judging self, and instead count our blessings, we gain a new perspective on life. Know that you are here at the right time which does not seems at times to be the right place, as we are told. There are illusions around us at this time, know that it is up to us, to dig into our own truth, which can be done with private or group Meditations, Yoga classes, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, and other types of eastern exercises  for body, mind and soul. Be real with yourself. Find ways to carve out time for your soul work.

Do find time for wellness. We need support from others. Perhaps a Reiki, Bowen or Cranial Sacral or other Therapy for connecting body mind and soul. We all need some assistance with these changes – some our quite large to tackle, and can be quite emotional for some.  This is a time that we need to bring alignment in…and by doing so, we will shift our old energy easier. It is not a question of if your going to shift, it is question of how much do you want to live in the old energies, the old ways that do not serve your best interest.  Lighten up, and embrace the light within. This is a great time to be alive. It may feel like a roller coaster ride at times, that is okay. We are all on the universal energy ride. Say yes to your higher thoughts and let the judging side , especially to self, let it go.

We are offering a special for August.

The Empower hour  (a combo of Reiki with Bowen and or Cranial sacral.)

Special deal to share with others:$55.00 for the month of August just mention this code # 444.


Karen Egoff  

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