Thoughts for September 2018

Thoughts for September

August, for what it’s worth was pretty wet.  The rain  barrels are full and the ground is quite damp.
The summer has just flown by.  We managed to get away for a couple of nights, but mostly it was more of a “staycation”.
Of course we don’t just sit around the country club adding up our scores and sipping on Mint Juleps.  We still have clients and Yoga classes and network groups to keep the mind (and the body) active.  Of course there’s also putzing and weeding and a new deck and a dozen other things that only summer can accommodate

Now that September is here and we can get ourselves back into more of a routine, don’t forget to include time for yourself, including your body, your mind and your soul. Spend an hour each day walking or stretching in the basement.  Spend some time reading – not Facebook or political blogs, but a good book – something to stimulate your imagination.  Mysteries, history, fantasy – something that is not your daily life.  Crosswords and other puzzles get the old grey matter working.  Lastly, don’t neglect the soul.  Spend some time each day meditating and/or journaling and/or praying, etc.  Don’t forget to look inside and make sure that you are still the person in there and not some cheap imitation.

We are carrying over our August special for the entire month of September.

The Empower hour  (a combo of Reiki with Bowen and or Cranial sacral.)

Special deal to share with others:$60.00 for the month of September just mention this code #484.


Karen Egoff

“The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.”
 — Victor Hugo

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