Brian’s Corner April 2017

I told Karen this morning that I had inadvertently left my Cell Phone Data on and had gone over my monthly allotment of 100 Megs of by several Gigs.  She looked at me like, “You goof” and then she proceeded to lecture me for the next several moments on being responsible, it’s not a toy, that’s going to cost ten or fifteen dollars.  It wasn’t until after she was finished with her lecture that I told her, “APRIL FOOLS!”.  We’re still laughing about it – I got her good.
Over the next few days I am bottling several tinctures that have been on the go since February.  It takes at least 6-weeks for the herbs and the brandy to make a tincture.  This means giving the jars a fairly vigorous shake each morning to ensure all the herbs are affected by the alcohol so as to draw out as much of the medicinal properties as possible.  Besides my very successful Live Lung & Prosper, Lymphatic Drainage, Kidneys & Bladder, I am now offering a Liver Cleanser, Passion Flower, Raspberry Leaf, Red Clover Leaf, Wild Lettuce, Kava Kava, and a couple of others.  Over the next few days, I’ll have them up on the website to look at as well as to purchase.
I have been researching Herbs that help the brain function better  and I will be putting something together for that this week as well.  There are actually Herbs out there that can slow and reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other types of Dementia as well as improve your brain’s capacity and overall function.  I’ll be my first customer for that one – Ha Ha!  I’ll talk about it more next month as it gets closer to being done.

If you want additional information about any of Oscar’s Herbs or Essential Oils, you can contact me anytime at or my mobile at 519-242-4996.
Until next month, stay healthy and, metaphorically speaking, always leave your campsite better than how you found it.

Primrose Fairy

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