Brian’s Corner – February 2019

Well, as warm as December was around here, we more than made up for it in January.  What a brutally cold couple of weeks we had.  One morning the wind chill was just shy of minus 40.  In case you didn’t know, minus 40 is where Farenheight meets Celsius.  I guess what they’re trying to say is minus 40 is cold no matter how you look at it.  Here’s to hoping the rest of the winter is a little more moderate.
Karen’s birthday is Monday.  Maybe I should add that it is no longer her birthday on the 4th, but rather that is the start of her birthday week. Now she goes around singing “on the first day of birthday week my true love gave to me…”.  Of course that leads right into Valentine’s Day and our Anniversary.
Anyone who thinks that eloping on Valentine’s Day will save you 1-or more presents a year is sadly mistaken.  If anything, because he day is now so important, February 14th has morphed into another week of celebration.  (On the first day of Valentine’s my true love gave to me…)  This year like most it will be Tuna Sashimi.  That’s what I served her as my first cooked meal for her all those years ago.  Wow, they’re starting to add up but the honest truth is, I can’t imagine my life without her.
So, if you’re so inclined, join me in a toast to a wonderful wife, partner, friend and soulmate.  Happy birthday, happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Anniversary.

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