Brian’s Corner March 2017

I can finally circle check my school bus in the morning without the need of a flashlight.  It’s been almost four months and a lot of batteries, but this morning when I crawled underneath to check my brakes I could see just fine. After a couple of weeks of beautiful weather, it looks like we’re back to more seasonal stuff so it’s not quite time to put away my toque and gloves. That being said, spring is little more than a smile away.
It’s time to start planning some of the projects that need to be done around the house once the weather turns warmer.  Karen wants me to set up the water barrels in a more logical way than we have them now.  The fence needs painting, the gardens need weeding, there’s a couple of stains on the driveway that look awful, the chimney needs work, the deck needs pressure washing and staining.  There’s been talk of moving the shed from its present location to the back corner, freeing up a nice area with lots of sunshine.  Now that’s a project!
I have some new and exciting tinctures on the go right now.  They’ll all be ready by early April.  One of the ones Karen talked me into is Passionflower.  Passionflower is a powerful relaxant for the nervous system and is important in the treatments of anxiety, tension, insomnia and for those coming off of tranquilizers. It is used to relieve headache, nerve pain, shingles and painful menstruation.
Like I said, it will be ready for sale in early April.  My price for a 2-ounce bottle is $20.  This is approximately 60 doses.
If you want additional information about Oscar’s Passionflower Herbal Tincture or any other Herbs or Essential Oils, you can contact me anytime at or my mobile at 519-242-4996.

Robin in winter

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