Karen’s thoughts for February

Around here, February is a very busy time and this year is no exception.  My birthday is on Monday and this year it’s one of those special ones that ends in a zero. We had a  party for Saturday night – former students, friends, relatives.  In some cases it’s people you only see once or twice a year if that, so it makes it a treat.

Of course February also means Valentine’s Day. Love it or not, it’s the original “Hallmark Holiday” and it’s ubiquitous. The problem with Valentine’s Day is  there’s so much pressure to be with someone on that day that we can end up making poor choices and then having to live with consequences.  As with many of us, I have sat eating leftovers and watching Vanna White turn the letters on a cold and lonely Valentine’s day.  I’m sure most of us have, on at least one February 14th.  That or some variation on the theme. Full of self-pity, doubt, fear, loneliness. Take your pick.
But here’s a thought. What if you find yourself without someone to share Valentine’s Day with?  Instead of feeling miserable, share the day with yourself and celebrate the positive things you share with yourself, with your friends and with the world.  No one wants to be alone on Valentine’s Day, but maybe the Universe is telling you that now isn’t the time for sharing with others, now is the time to look after yourself. Stay positive as best you can.
In appreciation and Gratitude,
Karen Egoff


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